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2G internet speed in J&K UT

In J&K UT, From August 2019 people of Jammu and Kashmir using a 2G speed connection instead of the 4G connection. This is effecting New Business, students from School, colleges, Universities

Why the Internet with Good Speed is so Important?

As we are all aware that we people are all connected to each other. With a network called Internetwork and the world is making huge progress to make it better and convenient day by day.

Internet in today’s time has been a great achievement for everyone. As it makes our life easy and helps in studies and talking about the current situation where all the professional workers are working at home, some regions in India are going through such a situation that is not helping them in any way.


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Is low speed (2G) Internet sufficient for J&K UT People?

While the world is leading in the way no can possibly think, J&K UT is still going through an era that everyone has left a long time ago. People in Jammu and Kashmir are still being restricted to use the 2G network for the last few months.

These restrictions are made by the Govt. Of India, since Jammu and Kashmir became a Union Territory. According to Government Officials, claim that watching the situation of the ground reports. It is strongly recommended that Internet Services should be restricted to 2G and may not change until the conditions appear to improve.

But most of the people are still in a dilemma. How are they supposed to manage their work in this ongoing situation where they need to stay at home and work from home. It also creates another confusion among the people. And why are they paying the same tariff as of 4G to use 2G?


2G connection instead of the 4G connection

If we are getting a 2G connection instead of the 4G connection. Then why do they have the same service plans for the 2G connections?


Even the wifi services are not available in any region because of this pandemic situation going on. So in such a case what are people supposed to do.

Few Questions arises:

Well, we all have some similar questions in our heads. And want to find some answers regarding this until then we have to face all these issues and go on with them and we can just hope for the best.


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