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ConsenSys and Onramp.money Join Forces to Empower Indian Users with Easy Access to Crypto Directly in MetaMask




Onramp.money will seamlessly integrate within the MetaMask wallet, enabling all Indian MetaMask users to buy cryptocurrency directly using their API.

MetaMask continues to grow its buy crypto solution directly in the wallet.

Today, ConsenSys, a market-leading Web3 company, announced that MetaMask, the worlds leading Web3 wallet, will integrate with Onramp.money, powered by Indias largest exchange – Bitbns, in a move that will allow Indian users to easily make transactions using their bank to get instant crypto access. Users of MetaMask in India will now be able to purchase crypto directly within the MetaMask mobile app using Onramp.moneys API supports various local payment methods, such as UPI & IMPS, for a more seamless experience, making it cheaper, faster, and more efficient.

Onramp.money is a platform that enables seamless, instant transactions for crypto users in India. This integration represents a significant step forward in adopting blockchain technology in India. With the Indian governments recent focus on digital payments, the integration of UPI with blockchain technology can significantly expand the reach and impact of this new and exciting technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with MetaMask to provide access to users from India and access to digital assets in a decentralized way. We believe this partnership will make it easier for Indian users to access and use decentralized applications, and we look forward to working with MetaMask to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in India,” said Gaurav Dahake, CEO, Onramp.money.

The Indian market is experiencing significant growth as more exchanges and platforms enter the space to offer services to local users. Despite this, buying and selling crypto in India could be further improved. A lack of consensus and the absence of an instant and real-time payment infrastructure are currently hindering the smooth operation of crypto transactions in the country. Addressing these issues will significantly enhance the crypto market in India. With MetaMasks integration with Onramp.money, this hurdle has now been removed, and Indian users will be able to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology easily.

“We are excited to partner with Onramp.money to bring instant transaction services to our users in India,” said Lorenzo Santos, Product Manager at MetaMask. “This integration will make it easier for Indian users to access the Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB networks and use decentralized applications. We believe this will help drive the adoption of blockchain technology in India.”

To fund your MetaMask wallet with Onramp.money:

Login into the Mobile MetaMask App.

Click or tap the Buy button, then select ‘UPI or IMPS’ within the payment methods.

Enter the amount desired and the token you wish to purchase

Get quotes

Select an ‘Onramp.money’ quote and redirect to the onramp.money website.

Done! You have successfully bought crypto directly in MetaMask and can now explore Web3 easily.

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