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COVID vaccines do not pose risks of ADE : Dr MS Khuroo


JK News Today

Srinagar, May 25,2021

Dr MS Khuroo asserts that the news going around in section of social media about  the risks which COVID-19 vaccines can pose due to possibility of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is fake .

Dr Khuroo who is Chairman Apex Level Committee to Government of Jammu and Kashmir for COVID-19 said that “news is fake and based on no facts”

 He underlined that ADE can occur when some component in the vaccine mounts an immune response in the host through non- neutralizing antibodies. This can also occur in some patients through natural infection. Once such antibodies are generated, these subvert the immune response and lead to enhanced viral replication by a mechanism depicted in the image.

All vaccines are tested for ADE in animal model before human trials are done. Should an experimental vaccine raise non neutralizing antibodies and ADE response in animals, the vaccine molecule is altered to remove specific antigen which mount non neutralizing antibodies & ADE response. Thus, all vaccines are certified safe from ADE response prior to human trials.

“I must stress that all COVID-19 vaccines have been tested in animal models for ADE and are safe from such a phenomenon,” asserted Dr. Khuroo.

He added, “Also, there are no reports of ADE in humans after use of millions of doses till date. So, the news item circulating in the social media is false, fake and not based on scientific facts.”

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