Mallumv 2020: Categories and Description

With thousands of torrent movie sites present in the world, Bollywood movie content has to be specific when it comes to India. Many movie portals provide South Indian movies and are considered one of the best movie portals. Although, people should not use these movie portals like Mallumv as they support piracy, which is ultimately an illegal work and is against the Indian Constitution(1).


About Mallumv

This movie portal, Mallumv, is specialized in producing Malayalam films and has been used immensely by people. Mallumv provides movies of different categories and features with high picture quality to its users. Not only, South Indian movies are present, but some of the famous and latest Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or dubbed Hollywood movies are also current. With film, there are some TV Series present on the portal of Mallumv.


Similar Alternatives to Mallumv

Many related sites function identical to Mallumv. The people looking up for associated sites with almost the same content of movies with features and categories can see the alternatives mentioned below.


Categories of Movies and Some Famous leaks by Mallumv

Mallumv is a piracy promoting portal yet has different features and categories of movies present on their portal, which drives the attention of people, and one eventually starts browsing throughout the pages of the portal. Some of the best categories current on their website are mentioned below.

  • Malayalam Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • English Movies
  • TV Series

With such categories and features present on the portal of Malluemv, many leaks provided the attention of people to their portal. Some of the famous leaks which were loved by the people are mentioned below.

  • Paapam Cheyyathavar
  • Kalleriyatte
  • Kochi Raju
  • 7th Day
  • 1983

Yearly Revenue of Mallumv

As mentioned, the portal of Mallumv is a complete piracy portal and has been organized by people through unknown locations and places. Hence their functioning is not yet known. Although, these portals earn immensely through advertisements and pay-per-click methods and thereby generate huge revenue. According to a source, Mallumv has almost 3.35 million visits per year and creates a $50.040 million revenue every year.



One should remember that portals like Mallumv are piracy promoting websites that have legal issues against them. Any person found using such sites can face legal arguments against them as the usage of such portals is against the Indian Constitution and law. People should promote themselves to use official portals like Netflix(2), Prime(3), etc. which operate legally and are also a value for money.

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