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Non-communicable diseases bigger issue than Covid: Apollo JMD – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism





New Delhi, May 27:Spread of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart problems in the country is an even bigger issue than the Covid pandemic, according to Apollo Hospitals Joint Managing Director Sangita Reddy.
In an interaction with PTI on the sidelines of an event here, she noted that maintaining health parameters in order is the single most important thing an individual can do to contribute to keeping the country healthy.
“Non-communicable disease is a larger pandemic than Covid. We must protect against cancer, cardiovascular, nephro, neuro problems,” Reddy noted.
All these issues are lifestyle related and therefore a healthy lifestyle, preventive healthcare, regular health check-ups, and maintaining health parameters is the single most important thing for any individual to play part in keeping the country healthy, she added.
On the long-term effects of Covid, Reddy said that coagulation factors are being studied now and in the meantime, it is important to stay healthy because co-morbidities create the biggest issues.
“So keeping diabetes under control, staying fit is very important. Let’s focus on prevention and keep our population healthy,” she said.
On several fatalities reported due to cardiac arrest while working out in the gyms, Reddy noted that: “It is being studied across, but I think moderation in everything is important. Over-exercising may not be appropriate at this point in time. People should be careful but there is no clear correlation (with Covid).’
Studies are being conducted regarding the matter, she said,
“I look forward to greater research and partnerships in the Indian ecosystem so we can find answers to these very relevant questions,” Reddy said. (PTI)

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