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‘This was an election that decided the future of this country’





“This was not a normal election, it was an election that decided the future of this country,” said academic-turned-political activist Yogendra Yadav, participating in a felicitation programme organised by Eddelu Karnataka (Wake up Karnataka), a civil society collective, on Friday to mark the death anniversary of freedom fighter H.S. Doreswamy for all its workers that were involved in spreading voter awareness across the State.

Eddelu Karnataka had campaigned against the BJP in the recently concluded Assembly election. The members of the organisation said their grassroot work helped Congress emerge victorious. The campaign, led by writer Devanur Mahadeva, identified about 103 constituencies to work in. In these segments, the volunteers suggested candidates capable of defeating BJP. The campaign also focused on increasing voter turnout of secular voters.

“I was always drawn to Karnataka because of its history of literature, art and movements. We are here to celebrate the victory of India and the people of Karnataka. We are also here to rejoice in the affirmation of a new approach and template that we the people’s movement have adopted,” said Mr. Yadav.

Father Jerald D’Souza SJ, a member of Eddelu Karnataka said, “Eddelu Karnataka was formed with the intention of spreading awareness on protecting and practising the Constitution and preserving democracy. It has secured it goals through working at the ground level with people and parties alike. It has forged a new path for Karnataka in achieving its dreams.”

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