Three Stages of COVID

Covid Three stages: –

1. Covid only in Nose -Recovery time is half a day. (Steam inhaling), Vitamin C. Usually no Fever.Asymptomatic.

2. Covid in Throat – Sore Throat, recovery time 1 day (hot water gargle, warm water to drink, if having temperature, then Paracetamol. Vitamin C, B Complex. If severe then Antibiotics.

3. Covid in Lungs – coughing and breathlessness 4 to 5 days. (Vitamin C, B Complex, hot water gargle, Oximeter, Paracetamol, oxygen Cylinder if severe, lot of liquid required, deep breathing exercise.

Stage when to approach hospital: –

Monitor the Oxygen Level. If it goes near 93 (Normal 98-100) then you need Oxygen Cylinder. If available at home, then no Hospital else admit.

Stay healthy, Stay Safe!

How to know that you are infected with Corona Virus?

1. Itchy Throat

2. Dry Throat

3. Dry Cough

4. High Temperature

5. Shortness of Breath

6. Loss of Smell ..

And Lemon with Warm Water eliminates the Virus in the beginning itself, before reaching the Lungs ..

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